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Tarpaulin, Tarpaulins, Tarp & Tarps,

However you refer to them it's all about protecting something.

Heavy duty tarpaulins for transport, roof tarps, a tarpaulin to cover a trailer, every where you go you'll find a tarp.

A & B Canvas Australia has been Western Australia's premier tarpaulin specialist for over 60 years.

We can custom manufacture tarpaulins and covers to suit any requirement.


One-stop shopping! We custom manufacture.

Experience Our No Hassle Guarantee!

We'll gladly accept your used tarp as a trade-in! Now is the time to change over to a brand new tarp for winter!
Free Bonus on Curtainsiders
Emergency Repair Kit Valued at $197 free with every new Curtainsider
  • Spare parts
  • Sidecurtain Track Lube

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